Monna Ellithorpe was born in Greenfield, Ohio and grew up in Fort Myers, Florida. All of her life, writing has been a way to release her creativity, along with tension.

With many interests, it has always been a dream to write books on different subjects to help others through rough times and coach them to begin their own writing careers.

Her first book; “Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt: Made Quick & Easy,” published as a PDF file on her website and later self-published on Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle have been a dream come true.

As time went on, she later published information and instruction guides that have been written to make readers aware of tasks that need to be done in life. Nothing should be assumed when it comes to your own final wishes or those of a loved one. Monna’s books help you to be prepared.

Monna participated in the writing challenge called NaNoWriMo which is always in November. She completed the challenge in 2014 but the 2015 challenge was not so good due to computer problems and loss of almost the whole manuscript but a mystery novel is still in the works.

In 2018, she has started her own business by creating Journals, Planners, Record Books, Coloring Books, etc. with new books being released every week.

Monna also writes under the pen name of Nelynn Russell.

Be sure to check out all of her books on Amazon: Kindle and Paperback books.