Hello From Heaven!

Is There Life After Death? Communication Confirms That Life And Love Are Eternal…

I wanted and needed to believe that my husband was still with me after he had passed away.

“Hello From Heaven!” confirmed that many other people have and do experience the same sense of the presence of their loved ones that I do.

Some may think you have lost your mind if you believe in signs or senses from the beyond but in my own experience I know that my husband was still with me to help me transition during this very difficult time of my life. There were just too many unexplained things that happened for it to be “my imagination” or coincidence.

I noticed as time went on the experiences seemed to lessen little by little. Maybe it is also something built into our minds to help us cope with the tragic loss of a loved one, especially when it is unexpected and sudden.

I do miss those early experiences I had but I realized after a while things would change just as it had changed when my dear husband was taken away from me. I also believe that he does come back from time to time to comfort me when I get lonely and things get rough and I welcome those times; to have the sense of him being near me again.

If you are still having a hard time dealing with the loss of a loved one; Open your mind and accept that there are many documented cases of sometimes the most subtle hint, smell, sound or remembrance that your loved one will try to contact you in some way to let you know they are okay and they are still with you. 

DO You Believe In After Death Communication?


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