I Live in a Time Warp

My best friend tells me I live in a time warp. In my mind, I still feel like I am 18 years old. If I see someone that reminds me of a school classmate, I still remember them as they were in high school, not as an adult.

I have to be reminded time and time again that the people have changed just as I have and that they do not look exactly as I remember them and want to remember them.

I am 63 now but I do not feel my age. I am a grandmother now but in my sense of being, I still continue to be 18 years old, so how could I be a grandmother?

Sometimes I dream of going back and starting my life over but I am so afraid I would make the same horrible mistakes again. There are some things I do not consider mistakes and I would never, ever change: such as my precious daughter and my grandbabies.

I have signed up for some of the social sites on the internet to try and locate some of the classmates I went to school with.

Since Facebook has come along I have reconnected with many school friends and acquaintances and have caught up with each other about our lives.

I suppose that some of the people I am seeing now and remembering as my classmates are actually their sons and daughters, so I guess to some extent, I will always live in a “Time Warp.”

Originally written – © 2001 MLDavis (aka. Monna Ellithorpe)

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